CLEAR - Our new acne fighting face oil blend - With TAMANU and HELICHRYSUM!!

CLEAR - Our new acne fighting face oil blend - With TAMANU and HELICHRYSUM!!

We have been a little heads down in the lab formulating our new face oil blend that was just released, and just like our other face oils, we infuse the base Apricot oil with the herbs Calendula, Comfrey, and Gotu Kola.  This blend is our first to include Tamanu oil though! We chose Tamanu for this blend due to its incredible antimicrobial, antibiotic, healing, scar reducing, and restorative properties. If you have never worked with or used Tamanu oil it is quite thick and has a higher melting point than other oils we have used, which can make it appear to have floating particles which are just solidifying fats in cooler temps. Tamanu oil also has an earthy smell to it that we improve with the addition of essential oils that are also very beneficial for the skin. Helichrysum is one of those essential oils and is also new to our formulas. Also so wonderful for the skin, its properties promote scar healing, stretch mark reduction, dermatitis relief, inflammation help, and so much more! 

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