Guess My Age - Product of the Month

Guess My Age - Product of the Month

We have started a new Product of the Month program!  We choose one of our favorites, discount the price a little, and promote it all month long.  For May, and our premiere, we have chosen Guess My Age Moisturizing Face Oil.  

Our Face Oils were not part of our initial product line - We carried the Simple Maintenance Daily Face Wash and Tone it Up face toner, but did not have a moisturizer to complete the line.  I was hesitant to add products as we were still pretty new as a company and even today it is still difficult for me to hold back from creating more and more products or versions of our existing lines.  I know that if I'm not conservative, we will have more products that we can realistically produce with the quality gates that we have in place.  Dawn does not push for many things when it comes to our product line, but was convincing in her reasons for including a moisturizer.  So we started to formulate face oils. Dawn was right!

All of our face oils start with a long, low heat infusion (known as a digestion) of Calendula, Comfrey, and Gotu kola.  Guess My Age is an apricot oil base.  You can read more about this process in our blog post Herbs IN the Face Oil? if you like!

Guess My Age also includes additional carrier oils - Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E oil. These carriers have all been show to promote the health of your skin.  And we also include beneficial essential oils in a ratio that is safe to apply.  These include Clary sage, Frankincense, Palmarosa, and Rosemary.  This formula can reduce fine lines, fights inflammation, and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.

If you haven't used a face oil as your moisturizer, it can be a little counter-intuitive.  We don't want oily skin so how would adding oil be productive? The key is to using just the right amount of oil. And it isn't much!  We recommend applying 3-4 DROPS for your entire face.  Drop them on to the back of your non-dominant hand.  Use the pointer and middle fingers of your dominant hand to gently dab the oil and apply to the face.  You can gently press the oil in to places that you may have fine lines or dry spots.  Within just a few moments, the oils will be fully absorbed and you will not be oily or greasy.  Go ahead and apply any makeup that you like, but know that you are beautiful without!

Save $5 off all Guess My Age purchases including combos with face toners. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders currently!