How to make your own hand sanitzer that is CDC compliant for use!

How to make your own hand sanitzer that is CDC compliant for use!

We are actively working on developing a hand sanitzer to bring to the marketplace.  We are dialing in our scent profiles and label designs which will take a few weeks to come together.  In the meantime, we want to teach you how to make your own and how to safely use/dilute your alcohol so that the final product is above 65% alcohol content as the CDC recommends. 

Here is what you'll need. You can cut this in half, quarter, etc.  Just be sure to reduce all parts accordingly.  Below I explain the how to dilute your Everclear (or isopropyl) if they are above 70%. This will make your alcohol stock last longer and is safer to apply to the system than those with higher content. 

750ml (3 cups) - 190 proof (95%) Everclear 

210ml (Almost 1 cup)  - Aloe Gel ( you can also use soft soap here)

60ml ( 4 Tblsp) - Lavender essential oil (Or whatever EO you like, or combine up to 60ml)

Add all ingredients together and blend well. Distribute into your container of choice.  Label and use!

I can hear you - "But I don't have graduated cylinders and don't know how to measure this!"  This is an easy fix.  Google has all the conversion options you will need, I included the conversions above so its easy for you.

More details, including how to dilute your alcohol if needed.

First, you must have at LEAST 65% alcohol. Options here can be 70% Isopropyl, 91% Isopropyl (You MUST dilute this before applying to the skin), or Everclear 95%.  Starting with ANYTHING that has less than 140 Proof or 70% will not be effective. example, adding 'more' vodka because it's content is 50% does NOT increase that potency.  

The formula to dilute is as follows: C1*V1 = C2*V2 where C= Concentration and V = Volume.  So our example will include a 750ml bottle of 190 proof Everclear( 95%).  I want my final concentration at 70%.

We will plug these numbers in to the formula to find our final volume:

                                               C1 = Everclear 95%

                                                     V1 = 750 ml 

                                             95% * 750ml = 70% * V2 

                                                    Do the multiplication

                                                 712.5 = 70% * V2

                                           Divide both sides by 70%

                                                   V2 = 1,017.9 ml  - This is the total volume of our hand sanitizer.  Subtract V1 (the starting volume of our Everclear) 

                                          1,017.9ml - 750ml = 267.9ml 


So, by adding a volume of 268 ml of water, aloe gel, and/or soft soap and essential oils (not more than 6% by content!) you are diluting the alcohol to the 70% concentration.  Adding more of anything other than Everclear dilutes the alcohol content reducing how effective the sanitizer is.