New Conditioning Hair Oils released!

New Conditioning Hair Oils released!

It's always exciting to launch new products and this time may be the most excited we have been since opening! I love working in the lab - whether it is making existing products, creating something custom for a client, or inventing something new! For our new conditioining hair oils, it was a lot of fun to research using Pomegranate and Moringa oils - Something I hadn't used before but am so pleased to have found! Including Castor oil is also new for our products, but I have used Castor for salves and other custom things. I'm very happy to have found a place in our product line for these wonderful, beneficial, oils! Learning more about these oils makes it difficult to only create a few new products for release. I have so many things on the back burner that need full attention to complete. Our off market season and COVID restrictions gave me a bit more time to focus on completing the hair oils and we can't wait for you to try them!

With all of that being said, new conditioning hair oils are now available! These are perfect to improve the health, look, and feel of your locks and make your hair smell SO GOOD!! 

We reccomend combing / crimping / raking the oil through your dry hair as the last step of your routine while getting ready for the day or night.  With shoulder lenght hair, using ~8-12 drops is about the right amount, but thickness and length and preference will really determine the amount to use. 

But why??  The oils help keep frizz down, reduce split ends, increase the life and shine of any coloring, and improve the overall health of the hair!

What's in it? The base mixture for each option include Argan oil, Castor oil, fractionated Coconut oil, Moringa oil, and Pomegranate oil.  These are so healthy and beneficial for you hair!!! Using the base, we make three options for scent profiles:

Best Day Ever - This floral scent of Fragonia and May Chang essential oils is uplifting and sets your positive mood in place!

Casual Friday - This one is sweet like a creamsicle, but not overdone and keeps things fun! All day long, you'll hear 'what smells so good?' thanks to the Grapefruit and Vanilla essential oils!

Summertime Shine - This is a citrus delight, but light enough to remind you of a nice summer morning where the sun kisses your hair just right! Bergamot and Grapefruit essential oils finish this blend!

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When creating new products, it is important that we get feedback from testers outside of our family/friends/non-biased group.  Here is just a bit from some of our latest trials:

"My hair needs extra nourishment because I regularly dye it blonde.  The conditioning oils kept my hair so soft and healthy all day!  The oils also gave my strands a beautiful shine."

"All three smell amazing, but Casual Friday was my favorite!  I loved the combination of vanilla and grapefruit."

"My favorite blend is Summertime Shine! The citrus smell was energizing and it was light enough for my baby fine hair."

"I love this combo of my regular hair product and your hair oil. I was tempted to hack off about 6 inches myself because it looked so awful and now it looks great!"