Our Be Mine Valentine formula and sale details!

Our Be Mine Valentine formula and sale details!

Today through Feb 10th we are giving a 2oz Be Mine Valentine room spray in every order for free!  We have combined the essential oils of Bergamot , Cinnamon Leaf , Vanilla, and Ylang Ylang. Like our other sprays, we emulsify the oils using acacia gum so that every spray has an equally good and consistently potent smell to it! Here's a little more information on the essential oils included:

Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) - This essential oil is extracted from the peel of the Bergamot orange fruit. These fruit trees can currently be found in several regions of Africa.  The leaves of the Bergamot tree are used to make Earl Grey Tea! We like to include Bergamot in Be Mine Valentine for its uplifting and mood boosting properties!

Cinnamomum zelanicum (Cinnamon) - Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the bark and leaves of a tree that is native to Sri Lanka, but can be found in many places. I know for a fact that there is (or was as of 2017) at least one on the University of Washington campus. This essential oil is stimulating and has traditionally been used to increase libido in both men and women, plus it smells so good! 

Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) - Vanilla essential oil is extracted from the vanilla bean after fermentation. Native to Mexico and surrounding regions but and Vanilla beans are EXPENSIVE! But have you ever made your own Vanilla extract? I'll create another blog entry to cover this! This essential oil is a gentle nervine, calming the system and bringing a feeling of ease and relaxation.

Canaga oderata (Ylang Ylang) - Also extracted from a tree, we use the blossoms for their essential oils. Ylang Ylang has a very distinct floral and sweet scent to it. It easily becomes the lead or first and strongest scent in a formula. Used as an aphrodisiac and for overcoming nervous tension, it is a very nice addition to our blend!

And, just for good measure, be sure that if or when you are working with essential oils, you keep safe practices in mind. Essential oils should never be ingested unless you are working directly with a ND or Herbalist. Knowing safe dilution ratios for topical application is also very important! Without proper dilution, many will pass through all membranes directly into the blood stream. Please be safe!