Founded by a passionate Herbalist graduate from Bastyr University, Papa's Apothecary is the culmination of expertise in Herbal Sciences and a deep commitment to natural wellness. Our journey began with a vision to blend the healing powers of nature into everyday wellness products, offering an authentic, health-focused alternative in the world of skincare.

Our daily use products are formulated by combining deep knowledge of herbal sciences with an understanding of how natural elements interact with the body. Founded in 2017 by Kevin & Dawn Gilbert, Papa's Apothecary is a result of their passion for creating the best possible herbal remedies for their customers.

Kevin served as a U.S. Marine, then worked in corporate America. He ventured out on his own and earned a bachelor's degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University. Dawn, a registered nurse with a BSN from the University of Washington (and an MHN earned in 2021), shares Kevin's passion for herbal preparations and formulations. Join us on our journey of creating all-natural remedies that will help you live your best life!

 When you choose our products we encourage you to share your experience and take part in the ongoing development of our wellness line. Please feel free to leave a review on any product page or stop by and see us at any of the events and markets we attend - or send us a message to let us know what you think



Kevin and Dawn, FoundersKevin & Dawn 

Our namesake, “Papa” is Kevin's late grandfather and was the inspiration and driving force that gave Kevin the confidence to make a life change–focusing on improving lives through natural remedies.

 Papa & Kevin